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From a design perspective, there was a significant challenge in presenting the Law In Order services in an easily digestible and intuitive manner because of the large number of services on offer.  Further, there were quite a varied number of potential site user groups – many of whom would have very different user journeys.

To tackle this challenge, a number of techniques were used:

  • We classified the two main user groups into 2 very high level ones: Those who search for a specific service and those who search by industry
  • We then balanced the call to action areas for those user groups strategically
  • In the main services drop-down we prioritise the specific services and service groups while still retaining the industry groups
  • Conversely, on the home page we prioritised the 3 main industry groups by placing it just below the main hero area and put the services a bit lower down on the page.

From a technical perspective, the main challenges related to implementing the interactivity and responsiveness of the design.


Kentico CMS provided a perfect solution for Law In Order for a number of reasons.  First of all, it inherently addressed many of the issues being faced by the company with the previous website.  It allows the Law In Order to be in much more control over their content and content organisation and has already allowed them to make many and frequent updates and content additions to the site in the first few months of it being live.


Because the built-in functionality accommodated for a good number of the business requirements, that allowed us to concentrate more of our allotted budget on the front-end design and UI/UX.

Another key consideration in our solution was ensuring that content management was a simple and quick as possible for the marketing team at Law In Order.  One way this was achieved was by leveraging structured content wherever possible which meant that the majority of content could be entered in very simply in forms making content entry a breeze.  The solution included 14 new document types as well as leveraging a number of built-in document types.

The solution also catered for the 25-30% of site visitors (and growing) who access the site via a mobile device.  Kentico didn’t pose any constraints in terms of implementing a fully responsive design with a significant amount of interactive behavior.

The site front-end was built based on a slightly customised Bootstrap 3 front end framework.  One example of how Kentico was flexible and accommodating to the design is with the breadcrumbs.  The built-in Kentico Breadcrumb Web Part displays breadcrumbs well but with slightly different HTML rendering than our front-end design and prototype called for.  So, we cloned the Breadcrumb Web Part and in the PreRender method, we simply replaced some of the built-in <span> tags with the <li> tags we intended to use.

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The site went live in early August 2014 and has already resulted in a number of significant improvements for the marketing team at Law In Order.  Some of those include:

  • Content management is proving to be much simpler and easier resulting in less time taken to add new content
  • In the first 3 weeks post-deployment, the number of sessions to the site already increased by 10%
  • Importantly, the average duration of those sessions increased by over 28%
  • Further, the number of conversions has increased significantly with the new site
  • The goal conversion rate for a given week has increased by over 62%.
  • Importantly, the contact/enquiry goal has increased significantly as this is a key indicator of site leads.


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